Dear friend of New Heart Valve,

Thank you for getting in touch and speaking to one of our nurses. You can find the materials about aortic stenosis below. These brochures are designed to support you with making decisions about your health and provide information about disease, its progression, and treatment options.

We want to reassure you that aortic stenosis can be effectively treated. Being diagnosed early on and exploring treatment options are important steps.

Aortic Stenosis and Your Heart Download

Understand the symptoms of aortic stenosis, how it progresses, and how it’s treated.

Guide for Talking to Your Doctor Download

Useful questions to ask your doctor in order to receive a timely diagnosis and be referred for the best treatment option.

Your Aortic Stenosis Symptom Tracker Download

Record your symptoms over a 14-day period. Understanding how aortic stenosis impacts a person’s lifestyle can help a doctor more readily assess the cause, severity, and progression of the condition.

What is TAVI? Download

Explains the treatment options for severe aortic stenosis to help you and your doctor decide the right treatment path for you.

Carer tips Download

Advice for all caregivers on how best to support you on your aortic stenosis journey.

If you prefer printed materials, click here and order your free printed info package.